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Drinking 1 Gallon of Water Daily: The Benefits and Downsides

Drinking a gallon of water seems incredibly intimidating, although we see numerous platforms promote its benefits. People are even purchasing water bottles to motivate themselves to finish it. Hydrojug gallon water bottles continue to gain popularity as word of a new daily goal of drinking more water spreads. Our bodies need ample hydration to maintain its natural function but is drinking a gallon of water necessary? 

First, we must assess how water contributes to helping us function properly. Water contributes to flushing out waste from the body and other impurities, and these impurities often get pushed out of the skin causing breakouts. Drinking a healthy amount of water also helps to regulate our body’s temperature. We lose a lot of water when we are engaging in physical activity, and staying hydrated puts that water back into our bodies. There are a number of contributions that water makes ensuring that we are healthy and able to perform everyday. Can we improve daily performance if we increase our water intake to a full gallon? Although drinking a gallon of water has its  benefits in performance and function, there may also be some downsides.  

Benefits of Drinking a Gallon

Dehydration causes lack of energy and periods of severe fatigue in the absence of drinking water. Increasing your water intake provides the body with more energy to complete not only physical activity, but simple tasks. According to the Health Associates of Texas, fluid loss leads to a decrease in blood fluid overworking the heart in delivering oxygen to the organ and muscles. Feeling tired during the day might mean that you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water.

Our skin benefits from drinking a gallon of water a day when it purges the impurities in our bodies. There is a storm of breakouts when we drink more water, and the calm is followed by clearer skin. 

Downsides of Drinking a Gallon 

Taking on a gallon of water has its downsides as we are not all equipped to drink that much water, even as adults. Drinking a significant amount of water can be difficult to finish and lessens the chances of you actually being consistent. If you aren’t used to drinking a gallon of water, it’s recommended to at least drink 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 for men (which is a gallon). 

A gallon of water is guaranteed to be followed by episodes of running to the restroom. Until your body is regulated by the increase of water intake, expect frequent urination to occur. It takes some time for the bladder to get used to this new water balance. Not only can you overwork the bladder with increased water intake, you are prone to water retention. 

If you can’t finish a full gallon of water, don’t force yourself to. Follow recommended guidelines for drinking water based on your weight and body composition. The benefits of drinking more water may improve our energy levels and performance, although drinking 2-3 liters of water may not make much of a difference. The road to better health doesn’t require drinking a gallon of water, just an effort towards making healthy lifestyle decisions.

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