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How to Quarantine the Family Member with COVID-19

Someone in your household has come in contact with COVID-19, and there’s some confusion on how to take care of them. How will they get the things that they need? Should they use the same restrooms as the rest of the household? There are so many questions posed on how to effectively take care of the person infected without harming the rest of the household. This person can’t be neglected as they are going to be essentials that they need daily. It’s suggested by the CDC, that your family member will need only 1 person in the household to take care of them. Make sure that this person is not high risk. Here are 3 things you should do if you are living with someone that has been infected with COVID-19:

Separate Them

Keep this person separated from the rest of the household. If it’s possible keep them in their own room. If this is not possible and they share a room with your family, make sure that the beds are 6 ft. apart and sleep head to toe. Do not sleep with both heads facing the same direction. Place a curtain to separate the ill person’s bed. Make sure that the air is circulating by turning on the fan or opening windows.

Bring Essentials Outside the Door

Make sure that they have everything that they need with no contact. Provide meals, tons of fluids and medicine at their convenience outside of their door. Create a system so that there is no crossing paths. It’s suggested to give the infected person paper plates and plastic cutlery to avoid coming in contact with their germs while washing dishes. This will save a ton of headache.

Sanitize Shared Restroom After Every Use

If the family member absolutely has to share a restroom with another house member, sanitize the restroom after every use. It’s helpful for the infected person to take LYSOL disinfectant spray and CLOROX wipes with them in the bathroom. After they are finished they can wipe down surfaces and handles and give the air a quick spray. Turn on the bathroom fan behind you to circulate the air.

Living with someone infected with COVID-19 isn’t easy. Although for the health and safety of everyone in the household, there must be strict precautions taken. After a positive test result, this person has to self-isolate for at least 10-14 days. During this time recovery is incredibly important. They are able to test again after they complete their quarantine. In the meantime, follow these 3 suggestions to keep your household safe.

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