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What Causes These 7 Different Vaginal Smells?

Have you ever heard the saying “the vagina has a smell”? It’s true. Your jewel has a smell. The vagina is a tubelike, muscular and elastic organ that connects the external gential organs to the uterus. It’s self-cleaning structure isn’t made to smell like perfume and flowers. This smell shouldn’t be masked with fragrant products that are harmful to the vagina. There are several smells that can give you insight on the status of your vaginal health. Here are 7 vaginal smells women may experience and what triggers them.


A metallic smelling vagina can be caused by a couple of things. During menstruation women will notice a coppery smell like pennies. According to Healthline, blood contains iron which has a metallic smell. During sex, women can experience dryness which causes friction and small cuts or scrapes. Light bleeding can occur which contributes to a copper smell.


If your vagina has a sweet and earthy smell it can be due to an excess of bacteria. A robust and sweet smell can indicate a shift in your pH balance. Your jewel’s pH is constantly changing which is completely normal. If you’re experiencing a cottage cheese discharge, this may be a yeast infection.


Tangy or sour smells are caused by healthy bacteria. Healthline explains that a healthy vagina has a slight acidic level of 3.8 and 4.5. You may notice that you smell like the fermented foods you’ve eaten. This bacteria protects against an overgrowth of the bad types of bacteria.


A build-up of urine around the vulva can cause a chemical smell in your underwear. A strong smell in your urine is connected to dehydration. Drink more water for odorless urine. Bacterial vaginosis can have a fishy or bleach smell. Sex products such as lubricants or condoms can also cause this smell.


An earthy and skunky smell can be off putting. Women can experience this odor simply due to stress. Emotional stress can trigger the apocrine glands in the groin area. According to Britannica, the fatty secretion from the apocrine glands to the skin where local bacteria breaks it down into odorous fatty acids will cause the skunky smell.


A fishy smell from the vagina can be triggered by multiple factors. Bacterial vaginosis triggers a fishy smell. You get BV when there is an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the vagina. Pelvic inflammatory disease and trichomoniasis can be accompanied by a fishy scent.


It’s hard to believe but some women forget about the tampons they are using. Leaving a tampon in too long will cause this particular smell. It’s recommended by Jewel to use cruelty-free pads.

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