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3 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

We see an influx of weight loss information circulate social media and the internet, although how much of it is actually true? There is a weight loss culture that glamorizes weight loss trends, and it’s always best to question what’s popular. We must also note that what works for someone else might not work for us. A chunk of the weight loss advice being shared online isn’t accurate, and it’s unfortunate that the average American is being misled. It’s important to see what works for you to personalize your weight loss journey. Here are 3 of the biggest weight loss myths debunked:

“Detox teas help you lose weight”

The instgram teas have finally started to fizzle out, however there are still some teas that have been marketed to help women lose weight. Detox teas contain derivatives such as chamaecrista, senna, and other plants used in over-the-counter laxatives. These products help push waste out of your GI tract to use the bathroom, not to make you lose weight. The weight that is being lost is water weight that will most likely return. It’s probable in this process to lose enough electrolytes to cause dehydration.

“Carbs Will Make You Fat”

We see many people avoid carbs, call them their guilty pleasure, and convince themselves that they will gain weight. This creates an unhealthy relationship with carbs that feeds an even bigger craving, and when you do finally have carbs you are more prone to going overboard. According to Healthline, as long as you keep carb intake low and protein high you will lose weight. Look to whole foods and not refined grains. If you do choose to eat pasta, scale down your portion.

“Going Vegan Makes You Lose Weight”

Going vegan doesn’t exempt you from weight gain. There is a list of unhealthy foods that are vegan, and if you rely on processed food and fast food you could put on some pounds. Meat substitutes have the potential to reverse your weight loss if not eaten in moderation. Plant-based lifestyles can help with weight loss with proper nutrition.

Do what works for you in your weight loss journey. Avoid getting caught up in the popular weight loss trends and the misleading information circulating online. Lose weight on your terms, and always do your own research.

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