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4 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in the Chest

One of the most uncomfortable feelings around this time of year is struggling to get rid of mucus in your chest that just refuses to come up. As we transition into these fall and winter months, gradually people will experience the cold, flu and COVID-19 symptoms. If you are having a persistent cough, there is a good chance you have a buildup of mucus in the chest. There are ways you can help clear the mucus before taking that trip to the doctor’s office. Here are 4 ways to help clear mucus out of the lungs in order to kickstart you feeling 100 percent again.

Drink tons of liquids. 

When getting rid of mucus in the chest it’s important to be drinking tons of liquids. Drinking the recommended amount of water helps thin out the mucus. When you help break down the mucus in your chest with liquids, it’s able to exit the body easier. According to Healthline, warm liquids are more effective in clearing out mucus from the chest and nose. If you are congested and notice that you can’t get rid of your cough, drink these liquids.

  • Warm water

  • Hot decaffeinated tea

  • Chicken or Vegetable broth 

Use a humidifier.

Steam is your best friend when trying to eliminate mucus in the chest. Keep the humidifier by your bed at night while you’re sleeping. Keep the bedroom door closed in order to keep the vapor circulating through the room. If you don’t have a humidifier at home, take a hot shower. Let the water run until there is a significant amount of steam in the shower. Allow yourself to breathe in the steam and the mucus will begin to come up and exit the body. It’s suggested that for a targeted steam, lean over a bowl of boiling hot water and without burning yourself place a towel over your head to help trap the steam. You can add citrus peels of orange, lime and lemon, herbs and garlic to help open up those nasal pathways.

Take irish sea moss.

Irish sea moss is said to get rid of mucus in the body naturally. Sea moss is a natural expectorant and demulcent perfect for eliminating excess mucus from the lungs. It’s known to be used as a powerful anti-inflammatory and lung tonic for bronchitis and pneumonia across many carribean cultures. To make sea moss gel, soak dried sea moss in water overnight and rinse with water. Blend the irish moss and water together until smooth and store for up to 2 weeks. Sea moss can be added to smoothies, tea or used in food as a thickening agent.

Take OTC decongestants. 

When natural remedies aren’t yielding a quick recovery, try over-the-counter decongestants. Common decongestants are pseudoephedrine and oxymetazoline. It’s recommended to take decongestants during the day time or upon waking up to work at breaking down that mucus right away. When OTC decongestants are not working this is the time to consult your doctor to prevent further damage and infection. 

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