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How Ladies are Practicing Self-Care in Quarantine

Scrolling through the Twitter timeline, you notice women giving each other tips on their personalized, updated self-care routine since the quarantine started. You might ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? The desire to feel centered, organized, and accomplished through this madness may intensify as you start to compare self-care routines with your peers on social media. 

Refrain from meandering lazily around the house after doing some online work, then taking a napping spree for the entire day until realizing it’s already 8:00 p.m. Think about it, you’ve been unwinding all day. The days in the week have been meshing together and have been hindering your productivity. Relaxation is warranted under the constant stress of the local news and the panic of the masses on social media, however, try not to overdo it. As women that juggle multiple tasks throughout the day, find a balance between tackling responsibilities and edging out time for relaxation.

It’s been interesting to see what other women do to keep themselves feeling refreshed and motivated being that we are adapting to a more slow-paced lifestyle. Here are some tips grabbed from a few ladies on Twitter that are practicing self-care in quarantine:

  1. Start your day by showing gratitude and write down 10 things that you are grateful for.

  2. Make time for at least 30 minutes of exercise to maintain good health. 

  3. Boost your immune system by taking multivitamins and eating clean unprocessed foods.

  4. Come off of social media a couple days out of the week to minimize some anxiety.

  5. Eliminate the background noise of the news as it inadvertently contributes to low morale and panic.

  6. Get those creative juices flowing by listening to music or starting a painting.

  7. Unwind with a skincare routine customized to your skin type.

Developing your own self-care routine is significant to your sanity during this global pandemic. Now, we have more time to truly focus on finishing that inspirational New York Times BestSeller, or going hiking on that vast nature trail putting a little more love into ourselves during the day. 

If you are sick or know someone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call the CDC to assist you with your next steps.

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