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Swimming on Your Period: Truths and Tips

Although traveling is seldom as we brace ourselves for this second spike in COVID-19 numbers, it doesn’t completely out rule taking a dip in the pool. The answer to the awkward question of being able to go swimming on your period is, YES. Swimming on your period can be daunting and intimidating, however, there is no need to let your period stop you from enjoying the summer. Let’s break down some transparent truths on what happens to periods in the water and strategic ways to feel comfortable with swimming on your period. 

What happens to your period in the water? Menstruation doesn’t completely stop in the water, however, it does gradually slow down. According to Healthline Media, there is a reduction in flow due to the water pressure causing it to decrease temporarily. When getting out of the pool, menstruation flow does return back to its normal conditions varying between women. Ladies aren’t completely in the clear to swim freely on their periods, and there must be protection used to prevent leakage. 

There are many ways women can protect themselves from leakage while swimming during their cycle. Currently, there are some leak-proof swimwear on the market specifically to keep women covered. Yes, period swimwear is actually a thing. Brands like Ruby Love, have stylish one-piece, two-piece, and skin suits to combat period leakage. They market themselves as “no tampon required” which is what women want as they learn about ways to toss out their tampons. 

Can women just wear pads in the water? Pads and liners are a poor option for swimming during menstruation being that they absorb the water in the pool rather than the menstrual fluid. Although, there are alternatives that do the job such as menstrual cups and discs. Menstrual cups that guarantee 360 protection specifically for active lifestyles are known to be used while swimming. They are worn internally and are sealed collecting fluid from the body preventing fluid from leaking out or water leaking in. 

Operating in the same way, menstrual discs collect menstrual fluid, however, they can be tricky to insert. When you do get the hang of inserting them, they are known to be more comfortable than cups.

Swimming on your period doesn’t have to be a hassle, and there sure isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. Know that swimming on your period is normal and completely sanitary with care. Women have a few options on how to prevent leakage while swimming during their cycles. It’s a matter of choosing a menstrual cup, disc or comfy leak-proof swimwear. Slip on that cute bathing suit, slather on some potent SPF and go for a swim. 

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