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How to Feel More Confident in a Swimsuit

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

What is bikini body ready? The term bikini body can be dangerous. It convinces us that we have to hurry up and lose that extra 10 lbs before vacation. Our definition of a beach body is based on limiting, non-inclusive societal standards. It’s time that you hold yourself to realistic body standards, and wear that swimsuit you’ve been wanting to wear. If you’re feeling too self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit by the pool or beach, here are a few ways to boost your swimwear confidence.

Buy Flattering Swimwear

Feeling confident in swimwear means purchasing a suit that feels comfortable. If it feels restricting, tight or loose on different areas of your body, it’ll only make you more self-conscious. Tugging and pulling up your swimsuit top and bottoms the entire time isn’t ideal. Try on swimsuits before purchase to see what works. When you look good you feel good.

Have a Hair Removal Plan

There are various ways to remove hair from the bikini line before beach day. You get a smooth shave with a quality razor. Most women get a Brazilian bikini wax. Making sure your bikini line is smooth will boost your confidence in swimwear. Don’t forget the legs and under the arms for even more confidence insurance.

Talk to Yourself Nice

Would you fat shame another person at the beach? No. Then why go through the anxieties of bullying yourself? Talk to yourself nicely. Leave those negative thoughts at the door. As much as you think people are watching, no one is judging your swimwear.

Find a Cover Up

Whether it’s a skirt, dress or pants, a cover up for when you aren’t in the water is a confidence booster. Find a cute cover up that matches the color scheme of your swimwear. There are trendy cover up styles that will have your confidence on level 10.

Featured photo by Getty Images

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