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Pistachios – a Heavy Hitter for Better Health

Pistachios – a Heavy Hitter for Better Health

Are you a health-conscious junkie looking to boost your regimen for a healthier lifestyle?

Look no further than pistachio nuts! The health benefits provided by eating pistachios are


You may recall seeing those crazy looking reddish pink nuts with that green crinkled seed

bursting out of the shell in your local grocery store. If you use your imagination, you could

imagine that those shells look like little mouths holding on to green seeds that are desperately

attempting to escape. Freeing a pistachio from its shell could provide you with a tasty morsel

and slow down your consumption because you have to work to get it.

Humor aside, because a lot of folks just like you have become more health conscious and are

looking for healthier alternatives to solve some of their health concerns, it’s time to reintroduce

yourself to pistachios! According to

 Pistachios contain a high level of minerals, fiber, protein and unsaturated fats which help

your body maintain blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

 Pistachios contain an abundance of fiber with beneficial bacteria which can help you stay

fuller for much longer, and aid in intestinal and gut health.

 Eating pistachios can lower your chances for cardiovascular disease.

 Pistachios contain potassium and unsaturated fatty acids with anti-inflammatory and

antioxidant traits that are essential for overall health.

 According to studies, consuming pistachios will help reduce the amount of fat and sugar

(glycemic index) in your blood and also improve the flexibility and tone of blood vessels.

 Pistachios are a nutritious snack that satisfy your hunger, so you eat less, which helps with

weight management. And if you purchase pistachios in their shells you can’t eat them as fast

as unshelled pistachios.

According to here are five reasons to snack on pistachios:

1. A great source of vitamin B6—B vitamins are ‘water soluble’ vitamins that can easily be

washed out of your body because your body cannot store them. B6 is vital for helping to

produce certain neurotransmitters that protect the brain and nervous system. B6 also

increases your body’s ability to break down and process fat cells, helps banish anxiety and

depression, improves premenstrual syndrome, ups your energy levels, and helps with

attention-deficit issues like ADHD and ADD. B6 is also one of the most important vitamins

to lower homocysteine levels in the body (an inflammatory substance the body produces that

is a leading indicator of heart disease). High homocysteine = an increased risk for heart

attacks, blood clots, and strokes.

2. Improves Heart Health and Cholesterol Levels—A study published in the American

Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed a significant reduction of 9-12% in harmful LDL

cholesterol – which is a major risk factor for heart disease – with as little as one serving a

day. One serving = 10% of total daily calories. In addition, pistachios contain high levels of

antioxidants, which also protect heart health and blood vessels.

3. Diabetes Fighter—Eating pistachios has the beneficial effect of helping to prevent diabetes

by keeping blood sugar and insulin levels low. Pistachios are very low in sugar, and also

contain many bioactive compounds that affect the heart, blood sugar levels, and other

measures of health. Because pistachios are also high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, they

help control your ‘munchies’ by curbing your appetite.

4. Better Sex—Want to add a little spice to your love life? Eat more pistachios! A study

published in the International Journal of Impotence Research looked at the effects of eating

pistachios in 17 men who had erectile dysfunction (ED). The men ate about 3.5 ounces

(about a cup) of pistachios a day for three weeks, and were tested before and after the study

using the International Index of Erectile Function score. After 3 weeks, the results showed

that the men’s IIEF scores increased significantly. The subjects also reported they

had increased sexual desire, pleasure, and satisfaction.

5. Fat Burning—Pistachios contain lots of healthy fats that help you burn fat! They also

contain a high amount of protein, which helps to make you feel satiated and full.

Have you learned enough to make you want to run out and purchase some pistachios today? If

so, consider buying them in the shell. Remember, freeing a pistachio from its shell could provide

you with a tasty morsel and slow down your consumption cause you have to work to get it.

Happy munching!

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