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This Mother's Day the Healthy Way

This Mother’s Day weekend we are celebrating the warriors that continue to make it happen for their households every single day. Oftentimes, mothers are always sacrificing their own well-being for their families’ needs. It’s time we remind our moms that their health is just as important. Being a mom is a 365 day job with no off days which can have a great effect on their mental and physical health. We came up with some ideas for this Mother’s Day that promote the health and wellness of all supermoms.

Get active with mom

Physical activity is an effective stress reliever, and the perfect way to bring family together. A family hike on a nature trail, a tennis match, or bike ride are all fun ways to get active with mom. Daily Mom explains that exercise boosts serotonin levels helping women fight the everyday weight of motherhood. Promoting exercise this Mother’s Day could influence an activity that can be done throughout the year.

Plan a healthy brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? There are instances during the year where moms don’t have time to choose healthy food options. Busy moms will often skip out on breakfast contributing to lower energy levels. Preparing a healthy brunch spread for mom this Mother’s Day will not only boost her energy but also put a smile on her face.

Set up an at home spa day

An at-home spa day is the calming wind down that moms need. In the comfort of their own homes, moms can relax. Spa therapy is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Create a spa environment by lighting candles and dimming lights. Plate healthy fruit and make infused water. Get creative with a DIY mask and mani pedi.

Enjoy a picnic outing

A picnic outside enjoying this spring weather is a great Mother’s Day idea. Bring fun park activities, music, and deli sandwiches to snack on. Encourage mom to kick back and get comfy in a park chair. Don’t forget the gifts and let the Mother’s Day afternoon picnic unfold.

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