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What You Didn’t Know About Hysterectomies | Part 1

With over 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the United States alone every year,

hysterectomies are big business for the medical industry. And as more and more women sign

informed consent forms without every having an in-depth discussion with their doctors

about what their options really are and the lasting post surgery effects of having a

hysterectomy, abuse of the female body is raging out of control. According to the American

Journal of Obstetrics and Genecology, “In 2018, the Accreditation Council for Graduate

Medical Education created a combined minimally invasive hysterectomy category and now

requires graduating residents to complete a minimum of 70 minimally invasive

hysterectomies”. And according to a article in May 2022, that

minimum has now been increased from 70 to 85.

But what didn’t your doctor tell you before you agreed to have a hysterectomy? Of course the

most obvious and immediate side effects of removal of the uterus are menstrual periods stop

and pregnancy is no longer possible. However, there are numerous long-term side effects you

may not be aware of. According to those long-term side effects that

your doctor may have never told you about include:

*Changes in sexual desire/responsiveness *Body changes

*Menopausal symptoms *Increased risk of other health problems

*Grief or depression over the loss of fertility like bone loss, heart disease, & incontinence

Shocking? Coming soon, “What You Didn’t Know About Hysterectomies | Part 2 ”.

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